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Yu Kurosaki R2 Senko Gyuto 270mm Western Ironwood Handle


About the Shape - Inspired by the profile of a traditional European chef knife, Gyutos are a multi purpose knife with a slight meat cutting bias. “Gyuto” translates to “cow sword.” If you want one knife to do it all, This is it. Starting at 180mm, Gyutos can reach the ridiculously long (and awesome) 370mm. For the at-home or professional cook, we recommend a Gyuto which measures between 210mm and 270mm long.

About Yu Kurosaki Senko - The Senko (translates as "Flash") knife line from Yu Kurosaki continues Kurosaki's flair for creating something new and fresh within his blacksmithing workshop with the distinctive hammer pattern that creates a flash of lightning across the blade as it captures the light.

Kurosaki-san has used SG2 High-Speed Powder Stainless steel in this line, which translations to wicked performance with a long-lasting edge, that is thin behind the edge, so they glide through vegetables on the cutting board. 

Yu Kurosaki is located in Echizen, Japan. His line Senko Is forged from R2 stainless core steel and cladded in soft stainless. R2 is fully stainless, 62-63hrc, had very nice wear resistance and has good sharpenability.  This series has an updated hammered finish with a very unique, almost diamond like pattern. Fitted with western style maple burl handles and and mosaic pins. *Handle grain varies from knife to knife*

Edge Length: 276mm

Weight: 276g

Height at Heel: 61mm

Spine Thickness Above Heel: 2.0mm

This Knife is in on consignment and comes with its original box.

Yu Kurosaki R2 Senko Gyuto 270mm Western Ironwood Handle