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Custom Knives

There are many options available to customize your custom knife. It is our intent to provide a majority of these to you for your consideration while thinking and planning your custom knife.

Base Knife

52100 Complex High Carbon Steel blade, Handle material choice of various stabilized woods currently in stock, brass or nickel silver pins 1/8" or 1/4".

52100 steel is a complex high carbon steel.  It will form a beautiful patina over time and with use.  It also has chrome in it to reduce staining.  Under 6" blade $225, over 6" blade $275.

Custom Options


CPM154CM is a very high end, high carbon stainless steel. It is great for knives, takes and holds a great edge, has good edge retention and good toughness. Its ease of maintenance makes it ideal for knives that get dirty and/or wet often. This is an excellent choice of steel for those who are not as consistent at washing knives after use.  This steel adds $50 to small knives and $75 to large knives. 

Handle Material

We currently use several types of handle material.  Watch our video below as we go through handle materials.

Natural Wood - Is dense or stable enough to not need stabilization.  These woods are topically treated with Birchwood Casey Gun Stock Filler and Oil.

Resin Stabilized Materials - Wood, bone, antler etc. that has enough grain space to accept heated and sometimes colored resin.  These include maple, box elder, mesquite, black ash burl and other common burls and spalted woods (pecan, maple and sugar maple), as well as camel bone.  We have stabilized woods in stock for the base knives, as well as higher end exotic woods. Typically these wood handles cost $50.  These are what a majority of our handles are made of.

Handle Construction

There are many ways to add details to your handle, here are a few.


There are 3 types of materials that are currently use for bolsters: wood, horn or bone $65.  Brass or copper $75, and 316 stainless steel $125.00.

Interruptions - We use one piece of wood and separate it with a piece of another material.  This is now the only location where we will use malachite or turquoise reconstituted stones.  $65 - $125 depending on material.

Mosaic Pins - Available in 1/8" and 1/4" many choices. $15 each.

Blade Finishes

We currently offer several different type of finishes for our knives, including buffed forge, linear shiny, shiny, acid washed, stone washed, and multiple acid washes (faux hamon) finishes.  Watch the video below for more information.