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Knife Repair and Refurbishing

We do many different kinds of knife repair, from making partially damaged handles more secure and cleaning them up to complete re-handling, polishing and sharpening, and everything in between.  Re-handling costs start at $120.

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Re-handle - $120

Handle Repair - $50-$75

Polishing Blades - $20-$40

Rust Removal - $20-$80

Regrind - $50-$100

Reshape - $20-$50


This is an example of a re-handle on two knives.  We use stabilized wood handles and 20 ton epoxy to increase the life, reliability and structure of the knives.  These knives are approximately 50 years old and have significant damage to the steel tang of the handle.  We use scotch brite belts and/or sandblasting to clean the rust and corrosion off.  We now have a new handle for an old knife. Now it will last another life time.

This is a slicer and filet knife that was brought in by Chef Shehu Fitzgerald out of New York City. 


Removing the original wood handles of the filet knife and slicer.  Natural wood has a tendency to rot.


The filet knife with its new handle of blue spalted pecan.


The slicer with its new handle of blue spalted pecan.


Here is a machete that the customer wanted to save the handle on and remove the rust. We filled the gaps and voids between the handle and tang, cleaned up and hand sanded, as well as polished the handle.  With natural wood handles such as this one we also moisturized the wood. Then we ground the rust off and polished the blade. This, depending on the knife, can cost between $50-$75.



A customer brought in a family heirloom. This is an example of a complete refurbishment, keeping all the original parts. This included removing all the rust, polishing the blade and sharpening it. The handle was hand sanded and polished.

This is a WWII bayonet.


The handle is spalted pecan.