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Togiharu Pro 440 Gyuto 210mm


Togiharu Pro 440 Gyuto is a 210 mm blade.  It is Misono's very first collaboration with another brand.  Although the material used is similar to the Misono 440, the edge retention of the Togiharu 440 falls between the Misono 440 and the UX10, due to how the Togiharu 440 is hand finished using a better steel than the Misono 440. These exclusive knives come with a wooden saya. 



Steel Type:Stain-Resistant Steel

Steel Material:440 16Cr. Molybdenum


Saya Cover:Magnolia Wooden Cover Included

Knife Bevel:70/30

Handle Material:POM (Polyacetal Resin)

Bolster Material:

HRC:58 - 59


Knife Weight in grams:164


Blade Width (Widest part of the blade) in inches: 1.75


Spine Width (Widest part of the spine) in inches:0.08


Handle Length in inches:4.5


Togiharu Pro 440 Gyuto 210mm