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Ryusen Souryurin Santoku 170mm


A beautiful, shiny blade polished by the hands of craftsmen. The handle features a scale pattern inspired by the "Blue Dragon," the legendary four divine beasts that bring success, career advancement, and financial luck. This glossy and beautiful knife captivates the viewer. The ``Soryu Scale'' series is packed with every detail of ``sharpness'' and ``beauty'' pursued by RYUSEN JAPAN.

Product specifications]

● Product name: "SOURYURIN" Santoku 170mm
● Blade: VG10W/67 layer Damascus
● Blade attachment: Double-edged
● Hardness: 62 HRC
● Blade length: Approx. 170 mm
● Total length: Approx. 320 mm
● Weight: Approximately 190g
● Handle material: Polyurethane resin
● Presentation box: Black box/with sleeve
● Notes: Laser printing of the "RYUSEN JAPAN" logo on the back of the blade
● Manufacturer: Japan
*Some materials and designs may be subject to improvement. etc. may change without notice.

■ 67 layer Damascus | VG10W blade

The cutting blade uses the new material "VG10W". Durability and sharpness have been improved by adding tungsten (W) to high-grade knife steel VG10. The beautifully textured blade creates an air layer between the blade and the food, making it easier to separate the food. The sharp cutting blade allows the tip of the blade to enter smoothly, making it suitable for detailed work.

Beautiful and functional resin handle

RYUSEN JAPAN's well-balanced and easy-to-grip "Re:Born handle" features a scale pattern that is the most distinctive feature of Soryu Rin.The handle material is made of a special polyurethane-based resin handle that is water resistant. It is excellent, and one of its charms is the smooth grip that fits comfortably in your hand. The spacers on the top and bottom of the handle are designed to enhance weight balance and luxury.

Ryusen Souryurin Santoku 170mm