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Nenox X Dry Silver - Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm (8 1/4”)


This is a model with "specialized sharpness" that has been commercialized using a unique manufacturing method cultivated through many years of research on extremely delicate steel materials that were previously impossible to process.

The blade is rust-resistant, but if you wash it immediately after use and wipe it dry, it will stay in good condition for a longer period of time.
Please note that it is not dishwasher safe.

Blade Length 8 1/4”

Blade Depth 1 13/16"

Blade Thickness 0.084”

Handle Length 4 3/4"

Handle Depth  15/16”

Handle Thickness 0.853"

Overall Length  13 1/4”


[Hand-sharpened commitment]

Konohi knives are hand-sharpened by skilled craftsmen. You can experience the best performance of the knife immediately after purchasing.
By hand-sharpening all of our knives, we rigorously check that each individual knife performs as expected.

[Focus on heat treatment]

Through many years of research, we are conducting research into what kind of heat treatment can be applied to steel materials carefully selected from steel manufacturers around the world to bring them closer to ideal knife performance. Konohi's heat treatment recipe, which ignores general theory, is about how high the temperature should be raised and how. We also calculate how many degrees Celsius the temperature should be lowered. We achieve the best knife performance in each grade by making full use of heat treatments such as special hardening that evenly controls the temperature of each knife and rapid cooling to -196℃ called "cryo treatment (ultra super sub-zero)". Masu.

[Attention to solid composition]

Konohi specializes in making knives that are sharp and made from a single ingredient called "solid." (Solid composition)
This manufacturing method, also known as hon-yaki or all-steel, is an extremely difficult manufacturing method when it comes to maximizing the performance of the knife.
It maximizes the performance of the steel material, and is characterized by extremely little distortion or bending of the knife during the manufacturing/use stage.
This solid configuration realizes the severe knife performance that Konohi envisions.
This is the ultimate knife that Konohi has achieved through repeated research and training.

[Reasons for making handles by hand]

If we use the solid structure mentioned above to create a "delicate and tight blade" through severe hardening to improve knife performance, we will not be able to mass-produce the handle by welding (because the risk of the blade breaking increases)
. It is many times more expensive than welding, and requires ``manufacturing the handle by hand'' which can only be produced in small quantities.
Although it is not possible to melt metal by welding, in order to assemble the handle with many parts [without gaps], at Konohi we also make ultra-precise stainless steel parts by hand. If each part is not perfectly flat, gaps will be visible and water will accumulate, causing rust and adversely affecting durability. Precise handle making technology to prevent these problems is extremely difficult.
In addition, the handle, created by hand finishing by craftsmen, has a ``smooth curved surface'' that feels like the knife is sticking to the palm of your hand when you hold it.


Nenox X Dry Silver - Kiritsuke Gyuto 210mm (8 1/4”)