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Monolith Petty


At Monolith, knives are made by hand by Zack and expert craftsmen such as Alan Bates, and Nick Watson. These skilled hands create knives that will pass from one generation to the next. That narrative often starts with a storied piece of wood and a polished blade. Zack's hope is that once a knife is placed in the hands of our client, its story deepens over time with each slice of tomato from the family garden to each cutting of meat from the local farmer. Blade Type: Santoku

Handle material: wood ferrule and scale resin

Knife Type: Petty

Blade Length: 5.75”

Steel Type: AEBL

Blade Depth 1.3”

Blade Thickness 0.08”

Handle Length 4.5”

Handle Depth .9”

Handle Thickness .98”

Overall Length 10.5”

Monolith Petty