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Helle Eggen H3LS - 75


Eggen has a beautiful handle, crafted out of one piece of selected curly birch, sanded and polished to a satin finish. The well-shaped handle finishes off towards the blade with a well-proportioned finger guard for safety.

The triple laminated stainless-steel blade has a slight drop point shape and a classic scandi grind. Hand sharpened and polished to give it that extra edge right out of the box.

The Eggen knife is one of the staff favorites and also a favorite of many users around the world. This is as a true all-round knife, recommended for a wide range of tasks. 

Delivered with a sheath of genuine high-quality leather and a belt loop for secure carry on the belt.

Specifications Eggen H3LS
Weight incl. sheath 158 g / 5.57 oz
Blade material Triple Laminated Helle stainless steel
Blade thickness 3,1 mm / 0.122 inch
Blade length 101 mm / 3.98 inches
Blade construction Stick tang
Handle material Curly birch
Handle length 110 mm / 4.33 inches
Sheath material Genuine leather
Design by Gunnar Lothe
Design year 1998




H3LS (Helle triple laminate stainless)

  • Highly stainless austenitic (soft) outer layer from 304 steel
  • High-carbon, razor-steel core developed from Helle's family recipe patented in 1967.
  • Outer layer is flexible (less likely to break), very resistant to rust and takes mirror polish.
  • Core steel takes very sharp edge with high toughness (less likely to chip) that is easy to sharpen.
  • HRC: 58-60
  • Primarily used for: Traditional stick-tang knives, high-polish knives, carving knives.

Helle Eggen H3LS - 75