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Twice as Sharp Lightly Used & Complete Salon Shear Sharpening Kit #2


Combines the Twice As Sharp Professional and Ookami Gold Packages

The Twice As Sharp Complete Package is an ideal setup for sharpening all Scissors and Shears. The Complete Package combines the Professional Package, which comes with the 100 grit sharpening wheel so you can sharpen the shears your customers entrusts to you quickly, and a 400 grit honing wheel designed to enhance the shear, and the Ookami Gold Package which includes the special 800 grit Diamond Wheel, and Compound for unmatched polishing, a Fine Ceramic Hone, a Diamond Wheel Cleaning Stick and 3 Practice Shears with a Training DVD.

Designed For Professionals

The Twice As Sharp Scissors and Shears Sharpener is designed for the professional sharpener. This sharpener will make sharpening your customer’s shears fast, easy, and precise. A free-floating arm with clamp allows you to accurately sharpen scissors, making them sharper than new. The Twice As Sharp can be set to match all possible angles on any industrial, grooming, and beauty/barber shear up to 14 inches in length.

With Additional Items

Narrow Grip Vice


Mounting Lamp

Scissors Lube

Pliers kit

Swivel arm

Hone sticks

Extra polishing wheel

800 grit wheel

honing block and paper

Set Block

Oxide cleaning stick





Twice as Sharp Lightly Used & Complete Salon Shear Sharpening Kit #2