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Reverse Tanto Dark Chef


This high carbon chef knife made from our 52100 high carbon steel has our mustard patina on it, we jokingly call this finish “The spotted Sea Base Damascus” The knife handle is made up of maple wood and pink resin creating this amazing hybrid handle, together with red and white G-10 pins. 

Here is the newest incarnation of my Dark Chef series. If you aren’t familiar with this series of knives, these are knives that bent, warped or otherwise did not stay perfectly straight through our heat treat. I grind them down so they are straight and re-design the shapes. This one has almost a fully flat blade to it with a Kiritsuke point, or reverse tanto (if you like, I did). 


Blade Length 6 1/2”

Blade Depth 1 5/8”

Blade Thickness 0.0925”

Handle Length 4”

Handle Depth 1 1/8”

Handle Thickness .861”

Overall Length 10 1/4”

Reverse Tanto Dark Chef