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K-Tip Honesuki Carved Geode Micarta


This Honesuki is a full tang Kitchen Utility Knife made in CPM-154 stainless steel with a shiny(ish) finish, I polished some of the biffed forge finish off, so there are bits of shiny and some bits of buffed forge finish. It features a hand laid Geode Micarta handle that I carved for increased grip, with both wet and dry hands. There are 4 - 1/8” puple G-10 pins. This knife comes with a Serenity Knives edge guard.

 This Is my favorite shape of Honesuki to date, it has a great action on the cutting board and the point is very useful for puncturing and fine work.

Blade Length 6 1/4”

Blade Depth 1 1/2”

Blade Thickness 0.077”

Handle Length 4 1/2”

Handle Depth 1 1/8”

Handle Thickness 0.75”

Overall Length 10 3/4”

K-Tip Honesuki Carved Geode Micarta